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Bionx E-Bike Conversion!

We now a dealer for BionX electric motor conversion kits. BionX is the quality and performance leader in their field and we are happy to be affiliated with them. We will be able to convert a wide variety of bicycles to electric-assist for uses like commuting to work, road and mountain biking, and for rail trail use. BionX is state of the art and they offer a wide variety of models, all with excellent warranties. BionX motors are lighter than ever, offering performance that still feels like a normal bike, and their batteries have some of the longest range in the industry for their weight. Top it off with regenerative braking/generate mode that allows you to recharge the system while you ride, and their natural feeling proportional assist and you have a riding experience like no other.

go to the BionX website HERE


two you tube videos about BionX    here  and    here


Very often, people looking to purchase a new bicycle, perhaps after not owning one for many years, are not aware of the many types of bikes that can be bought today. Road bikes with drop handlebars, mountain bikes, old fashioned 1 speed cruisers, and children's bikes are what many expect to see. But instead, bike shops carry many bike styles unfamiliar to them: hybrids, not just one hybrid but 3 different hybrids- one for road, dirt, and rail trails, also mountain bikes with 26, 27, and 29 inch wheels, adventure bikes, comfort bikes, cyclocross bikes, fat bikes, gravel bikes, and more!


Hybrids are the best selling type of bicycle in the USA. A hybrid  is simply a bike built around a 700CM (approx 29") wheel, and a medium width high-pressure tire.  Overall a hybrid is a versatile bike that can be ridden on pavement and dirt.

Types of Hybrids

There are 3 types of Hybrids: Fitness-Comfort-Light Offroad.

A Fitness hybrid is a road version, lightweight and fast with flat handlebars to put the rider in an effecient position for good climbing and power. Great for street rides, training, commuting, workouts, and rail trails. A very popular type, both Trek and Cannondale's best selling single model is from this category.

Learn more  by visiting the manufacturer's website:   TREK   GIANT   CANNONDALE

Cannondale Quick 4Trek 7.6FX Bike

Another type of hybrid is the "Comfort" bike. This version has a wider seat that is mounted on a shock absorbing seatpost, and the handlebars are set higher than usual allowing the rider to sit more upright on a comfortable seat. This is a fun and casual type of bike, easy to balance and easy to pedal.

 Because of our area's fine Rail Trails like the Ghost Town trail and the Great Allegeny Passage, Comfort hybrids are very popular bikes for City Cycle and we always have many models and sizes in stock, ready to ride.

Trek Verve Ladies HybridCannondale Adventure 3 Hybrid

Mountain Bikes Including 29'er Mountain Bikes

The Mountain Bike is a great choice because the area we live in is criss-crossed with State Game Lands, logging trails, dirt roads, abandoned farm roads and most people can ride off road within minutes from their doorstep. Mountain Bikes are stable and have a wide gearing range with excellent brakes, making them a fun bike to own. Now buyers can purchase a new 29" wheel size mountain bike. 29'ers are quickly becoming dominant because the bigger wheel rolls over bumps and obstacles more easily and more effeciently.

Trek 820

above picture: 2014 TREK 820 Mountainbike with 26" wheels only $339.99

Giant Revel

above picture: 2014 GIANT Revel 27.5" Mountain Bike only $550

Visit the Factory Websites for More Info:  TREK   CANNONDALE   GIANT   SANTA CRUZ    SURLY