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Giant Dirt-E

Stop in and test ride the 2018 Giant Dirt-E mountain bike powered by Yamaha! With e-bike sales exploding across the USA, prices are falling and this year's Dirt-E is almost a thousand less than the 2017 model! This bike doesn't lack for anything either- 2x9 Shimano drive with Shimano hydraulic discs, SR Suntour front suspension, and of course a smooth 500 watt assist. MORE....

Long time local cyclist Chuck York loading up His/Hers Cannondale Neo Electric assist bikes. Chuck is a well known cycling advocate, especially from his time at the HG Andrews Center. Hopefully electric assist will keep him pedalling for many years to come!



      Ride our demo Cannondale Quick NEO, a lightweight Hybrid, fitted with Shimano's STEPS electric assist! Up to 15lbs lighter than the usual E-Bike, a quick charging Li-Ion battery, mounted on a Cannondale Quick bicycle with high quality Shimano gears, hydraulic disc brakes, tires made specifically for an E-Bike, and a high quality suspension fork- in other words, a REAL  bike that happens to have electric assist!       Electric assist bikes are perfect for commuting, quick shopping trips, rail trails, just about anything. You choose the level of assist according to the terrain you are riding. They will easily and quickly climb our area's hills! Turn a 5 miler into a 25 mile ride with ease. Perfect for anyone who loves cycling but can no longer tolerate all the hills our area has. Click on the PIC for more info.


Giant's 2018 Explore-E+3 has a built-in Yamaha 400 watt assist motor perfect for miles and miles of trail rides, commutes, dirt road exploration, as well as pavement! Smooth and quiet, with wide 700x47mm hybrid tubeless tires. Quality bike from the World's Largest Bicycle Manufacturer! Mens and women's versions available. MORE....

Bionx Upgrade

We installed a Bionx 350 Electric assist kit to this bike for Richard of Pittsburgh and it's great! Most bikes are adaptable to the Bionx Kit- hybrids like the one here, also mountainbikes, road, and even Fatbikes. The kit on this bike has a 50 mile range, and only Bionx has it's unique regenerating capability, that recharges it's battery whenever you are coasting! Bionx assist is great for any use- fun, commuting, whatever reason. And when you look into it, Bionx is the best chioce for electric assist around.

Cannondale Bionx Combo

His and Hers Cannondale Adventure Hybrids with Bionx Electric assist! Click on pic for more.

Electric Conversion On A Sun Adult Trike!

Above: A just completed project where we installed an electric assist to an adult trike for a person from Pittsburgh. Click on the pic for more.

City Cycle is a BionX Electric Dealer!

        Let us help you turn your bike into an e-bike with the industry's best electric system -BionX! Their conversion kits will fit many bikes and are state-of-the-art. The motor is also a generator that helps recharge the battery whenever you are using your brakes! Their kits are among the lightest available and come with a great warranty. BionX electric conversions are for your rear wheel, which gives your bike the most normal pedalling and handling "feel". BionX' most affordable system, the PL250M, has an incredible 40 mile range and recharges in just 4.5 hours! The PL250M kit weighs just 16.1lbs!

       BionX is the leader in e-bikes and has partnered with many of the best bicycle manufacturers. Our area's fabulous Rail Trails will be fully accessable to anyone with one of these kits. Finally a way for bike commuters to flatten out our area's many hills. Bionx systems are very trouble free, but in case they need service, we link the unit directly to Bionx's technicians via USB and the internet to quickly correct the problem.


BionX offers many kits for different uses, Your best choice depends on your size and weight as well as the intended use. One of the fastest growing uses for electric conversions is  off-road bicycling, with mountain bikes as well as "Fat Bikes".


We can install a Bionx electric system on many types of bikes from Hybrid to Mountain to Fat Bike- even a Recumbent! Most experts will tell you, rear wheel drive is the best, and never buy a system that uses a lead acid battery, the Lithiom Ion battery is state of the art.

Trek Comfort Bike Converted to Electric Assist

One of two E-Bike conversions we're working is the Trek Hybrid shown above. Click on the picture for more details

Our Charge Cooker Fatbike/Bionx Project

8/23/14 - A Charge Cooker Fatbike with a Bionx motor kit. The unit has a battery mounted inside a rear rack. Idealy, I would have used a battery that mounts on the downtube, this one is available and it will do the job nicely.The Cooker has a cro mo frame and uses a 135mm hub, good for this project.


Here is the Bionx motor that we have laced into a Surly Rolling Darryl 36h rim.

With a Bionx you can choose the right amount of pedal assist you need, a little, or more, in several levels of assist. The system also has a full power boost button that is great for intersections or anytime when you desire quick power, like to clear the top of a severe climb. All I can say is you need to try one, if local- stop by for a ride.

Jim Driscoll of Wexford PA came to City Cycle to have a Bionx installed on his Bikee Recumbent this year. He loves riding  the Allegheny river trails and around the city of Pittsburgh. He got the PL350RR kit that operates on 37v and has a 37 mile range with it's Lithium Ion battery. His battery is custom mounted behind the seat