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Bike  Shown: Women's Trek 7100 Hybrid

Bionx Kit Installed:  S350RL

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This customer had the opportunity to rent a Bionx equipped bike on a visit to Ireland and absolutely loved the experience and was happy to discover that we are a Bionx dealer. Since she also loves her Trek 7100 comfort hybrid, we used it for the basis of her new E-Bike. The Bionx system combines your regular pedalling with electric assist in 4 levels, so riding your bike becomes nearly effortless even on long rides, wether on level or hilly terrain. If you want just a little help or more help- it's right there with the push of a button. Bionx has been called the most "natural" electric system because you still feel like you are riding like you always do, getting the exercise you need and want. It's automatic, it assists when you pedal, and stops when you stop pedalling or use the brakes, so the the experience of riding is the same. It's smooth and quiet. The entire Bionx kit weighs just 16lbs, one of the lightest available. The motor is in the rear wheel where it should be so it doesn't affect handling or stability. Bionx uses only state-of-the-art Li-Ion batteries that quickly charge and don't have memory problems. Cheaper systems using  lead acid batteries should be avoided. Unique to Bionx is it's Regeneration Mode- during braking, it recharges it's battery, lengthening your ride! With the hills in our area, this feature is great. Speaking of hills, commuting in our area is awesome and easy with a Bionx! Bionx is the leading brand in electric, many Name Brands like Trek have Ebikes available and Bionx is the brand that they partner with to build a reliable electric assist bike. But you don't have to buy a pre=packaged ebike, in most cases you can electrify your existing bike, saving money.

In pictures shown below: This was a super easy conversion to electric assist! The range on a charge for this kit is 50 miles. Bionx  includes a locking rear rack for battery storage and all wiring and the console comes with the kit. It has a disc brake mount built in for bikes with disc brakes. The charger is included and you can charge the battery on the bike or off. Other Bionx kits have larger motors and batteries for more range,Fatbiking, or mountain biking.


above: console and controls mount right near the brake lever

above: battery locks into the custom rack and the motor is built into the rear hub

above: you still can use your gears to regulate pedalling cadence