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MAY 2015  Sun Adult Trike Gets Electric Assist Upgrade

Price For Kit Shown:  $1250     - Price Varies According To Build

Kit Installed:  Electric Bike Technologies 500 -700 Watt Front Wheel Drive

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Electric Bike Technologies makes electric assist kits that fit lots of bikes and your budget too. This particular customer uses this trike for commuting in Pittsburgh. Because of this bike's design, it could only be a front wheel kit. The company offers front and rear wheel choices, lead acid or lithium ion battery, and different voltages. The wheel is beefed up to carry the extra weight of the hub motor by using thicker spokes, a doublewall rim, and a 15mm axle. You turn a simple twist grip to add electric assist. A weather resistant battery bag is included. Our customer chose a 36 volt lead acid battery and the motor produces 500 watts. It has forward and reverse, and a speedometer with battery gauge and a charger is included. The bike is a blast to ride and the electric motor is smooth and quiet. The kit ships fom the company's eastern PA factory and installation is easy. Call for details.