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We just added an Industry Nine Factory wheelset and Andrew the Maker custom Frame Bag to Tony's Mukluk. So Nice! And both are Handmade In USA Products. Check out these great products by clicking HERE





A good way to add some ZIP to your fatbike for Spring/Summer rides is with a pair of these Juggernaut Pro 26x4.0 Tubeless Ready tires. They weight only 835g ea!  That is much lighter than most tires and can reduce overall bike weight up to 2lbs easily!  Not for everyone, we have lots of tires designed for grip, cornering, ect- Juggernauts excell under dry conditions with great roll, less drag, and noticeably easier pedalling. Right now they're $89ea, reg $125


Good, wide, mud catching fenders are Fatbike essentials almost anytime of the year. But especially in Springtime! Fat tires fling an incredible amount of water and muck onto you and your clothing. The rear and mid-mounted fenders on this bike catch 95% of spray and weigh next to nothing! They detach easily too, for Summer rides. Only about $20 apiece, well worth the money.




The new Mag Tank top tube bag by Revelate has a magnetic open/close that works great one-handed! It has an ingenious self-lock that prevents it from opening unintentionally. Good bag for things you want to have in front for quick access. Like all Revelate bags, it is USA Made, in Alaska from the best materials and will last for years. Works on most any bike, here it's shown on our 2018 Salsa Deadwood 29'er Plus full suspension mountainbike.


How's your pedals? Do they slip, pack with dirt or ice, make your feet hurt, or just old, worn out, or ugly? We have a huge selection of platform pedals from Vault, Cromag, Race Face, Xpedo, Speedplay, and others. Lightweight, with smooth running bearings, and adjustable pegs. Check em' out!



This beautiful Carbon Salsa Mukluk is one of two custom Fatbikes we've built for sale! Sub 30lbs, with Shimano's great shifting XT 11 speed 11/46 cassette, plus wide Clown Shoe rims to fatten out the 45NRTH Dillinger tires for maximum float in deep snow - stop in to check it out or click HERE


Hey, tires are fatter, why shouldn't waterbottles be as well? Zefal's new Magnum bottle holds 32ozs of your favorite refresher and has a wide opening for ice. It fits regular size cages and will fit into most frames. Free of harmful ingredients that contaminate your fluid! Made in France. $8.99

Here's our other custom build- a Beargrease Carbon with Shimano XT M8000 11 speed components. See more here

Lets Go Fatbiking!



Did you know that Cannondale has a battle-ready Fatbike for only $1599? It's the Fat CAAD 3. Click on the pic for more details.





 LAZER is making one of the best COLD WEATHER helmets we've seen yet! Very comfortable with removeable ear muffs, the ear muffs are Wired Audio Compatible, open/close venting, and Go Pro/Lighting mounts on top! Lightweight too! Visor included. Available in Black - Black Camo - Orange



Salsa Mukluk Carbon X1


Take a look! This full carbon Muk weighs in at only 28.8lbs.  Click on da pic.




I love my new Lauf Carbonara Fatbike Fork!  Carbon leaf spring suspension fork weighs only 1050 grams! Click on the pic for more details.

DMR Bikes Vault pedals have a huge 105x105mm platform but only weigh 420g per pair. They are only 17mm thick and are made from extruded 6061 aluminum. You can tune the pins for a perfect grip. The cromolly shaft is outfitted with high load DU bushings and cartridge bearings for extreme use in mountain and fat bike applications. If you are a rider that prefers platform pedals, this is the one for you!. Lots of great colors. Check out the "oil slick" color in the picture! In stock.

Carbon Mukluk GX1

Wow- a Salsa Mukluk Carbon at a price lower than ever! Carbon Bearpaw fork, 1x11 drivetrain, 5" tires, under 30'lbs! Click on the pic for more.






Salsa Beargrease NX Carbon Custom Built Fatbike

Paul, from near Toronto Canada, bought our custom Salsa Beargrease. We're building up a couple more similar to it. To see the bike Paul got click here 

For Sale- Custom Salsa Mukluk!

It seems like at least half of our fatbike sales are full-on custom builds or major upgrades to stock bikes. This Mukluk proves buying a one-of-a-kind bike doesn't have to cost more. Click on the pic to view


If you came to our most recent Salsa Fatbike Demo at Highland Park, you may have had a chance to ride the Blackborrow fatbike that had a Lauf carbon fork. I did and thought it very effecient with almost zero additional weight. It has a maintainence free leaf spring design and weighs only 1050g! It's progressive spring rate is sensitive to small bumps, but ramps at the end to extend the useful range of travel. Spring rate is not affected by cold temperatures making it ideal for a fatbike. 5 year warranty. Versions for 29'ers and other bikes are also available.

TREK Farley 5

Check out the new 2017 Farley 5 by clicking on the picture.














The new, upgraded carbon Pony is in stock! Click on the pic to see one!




January 2016:A snow covered trail near Windber



If you ski cross country, you already know that certain magic that happens when snow blankets our area. With a fat bike, you open up a whole new world of fun in the snow. A Fatbike's 4 or 5 inch tires make riding in snow a breeze- AND they're just as much fun to ride on bare ground! Try XC skiing after the snow melts! Seriously, riding on snow is outrageous fun, and a great alternative to staying indoors watching TV!  Stop in and check em' out.

New Salsa Bucksaw!

Check out a  Salsa Bucksaw full suspension- click on the picture




The Cannondale Fat CAAD 1! Lefty Olaf front suspension, super fat 5 inchers, 1x11 drivetrain- Looks like Cannondale hit a home run with this long awaited entry into the Fatbike scene. Click on the pic for more  or click HERE










These are in stock - 45NRTH Tire Stud Kits and Tool to install the studs! Call if interested!







Thanks to Salsa Cycles for the Fatbike Demo at Highland Park on 10/13! Salsa's Fatbikes are awesome and it's fun to share them with everyone.The turnout was outstanding- our thanks to everyone who was there.  Salsa has promised to return in the Spring for another Demo in case you missed this one.


At this time, we have our remaining 2016 Salsa Beargrease X5 Fatbikes on SALE!  People new to the sport might not realize that Salsa Cycles is the leader in the world of fatbiking- the most in-demand name there is. This bike has 2x10 drivetrain, alloy frame, Mulefut rims, 45 NRTH tires, all weather disc brakes. Click on the pic for more info.

Winter Boots in Stock!

We still have a decent supply of 45NRTH Wolvhammer Winter Fatbiking Boots! This boot sets the bar for Winter riding with it's leather outer, warm Primaloft inner liner, Vibram sole and it's Aerogel insole. Stay warm down to zero degrees! Always a boot that sells out- as of now, we have them.Call for a pair- 814-266-9641

Also in stock now is a great selection of Winter headgear like the 45NRTH Lung Cookie, shown in the pic. It is without question the warmest balaclava I've ever worn -and the best designed! The brim helps to keep sun, wind, and flecks of snow out of your eyes whenever you are riding without eyewear for example, which is very annoying otherwise. The mouth/nose covering allows easy breathing while keeping your face warm under the harshest conditions. I've worn this gear in 0-10 degree weather and it's great. We have lots of other headgear like wind resistant skull caps (a must have item) and merino wool headbands for cool weather use.

Important Info for Wolvhammer Shoe Owners

If you own Crank Bros, Look, or Time clipless pedals and want to use them with 2016 model 45NRTH Wolvhammer shoes, you MUST use a protective shim like Crank Bros. Shoe Shields (shown left), or similar item to prevent damage to the shoes.  Failure to do so may void warranty!


Let's Catch Up A Little!

Lots of cool custom stuff passed thru the shop this summer, the three above can be seen at Jarrod's Blog by clicking on each picture. Call us for a quote. We'll build it right and for the right price!

 Thermal Bib Tights for Cold Weather!

You need warm wind-blocking gear to be able to ride in snow season. Giant's Sport Thermal Bib Tights are perfect for Fatbiking. It's warm and quick drying ThermTextura™ fabric delivers excellent warmth at minimal weight, and the Chamois has breathability and support. It has a 6 inch ankle zipper. Stop in and check them out- I think it's a great value in a thermal for only $120!



Charge Cooker KIDS Fatbikes

WOW!  The Cooker 24" sells for only $349.99! Due to arrive by 12/1/15, just in time for Christmas. We're taking preorders now. Charge Bikes is a great company from the UK- part of the Cannondale Group, we sell their adult models as well, with excellent quality at a fair price. Call 814-266-9641


Dumonde Tech Lubes are Fatbike Ready

City Cycle is happy to be a Dumonde Tech Dealer because their chain, freehub, and axle lubes are the best- but did you know their products are perfect for the low temperatures of Fatbiking? Their lubes remain active at temps well below the competition! Check out their products at our shop





Just about every Fattie we  sell  qualifies for financing with the Trek Card. Get 12 month Same As Cash terms! Apply in-store, and get almost instant approval!

Check with us for details.


 Dr John's Custom Salsa Carbon Bucksaw!

Here's what happens when you take a dream bike and make it even better! Click on the pic.

Carbon Salsa Bucksaw

Jason Novack on his Full Suspension Carbon Salsa Bucksaw at Highland Park. Click on the pic for more on this bike

Fatbikes are ALL SEASON  bikes, not just for SNOW!

Now Here!

Framed Bikes Alaskan Alloy is in the house- click on pic for more info and see other models by clicking on the "NEW BIKES" tab


Check out the pictures! A really hard to get Full Suspension Fatbike from the great folks at SALSA. Click on the pic for more


New Product- Orange Seal Sub Zero Tubeless Sealant


Subzero works in any temperature you are likely to ride in.

For any tubeless use from Fat to road!

Now in stock


Bluto Fork Upgrade for Cold Weather


Local rider Fran is upgrading his Trek Farley to Rockshox Bluto and at the same time we're adding a seal kit from Fatbike Co. that keeps it working smooth even in the coldest temps! This low cost seal upgrade is the way to go! Smart guy, this Fran.