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Got discs? Bontrager's new BackRack is a perfect fit for Trek mountainbikes with disc brakes and other brands too! It's lightweight alloy and mounts securely in minutes. Strap down gear, a rack top bag, panniers,or whatever you want.  It's built strong to last the life of your bike. A rear plate allows easy mounting of lights and flashers. At only $44.99 it is about $20 less than similar carriers from other manufacturers.



Salsa's NEW Deadwood SUS 29+ is out and we have them! Carbon frame, Yari/Monarch suspension, GX1 1x11 drivetrain! Split Pivot, short stays, and all this at the weight of many 27.5+ bikes! Stop in or click on the pic for more details.


Every cyclist needs a good way to measure time, speed, and distance on their rides, and here's a good buy from Cateye to help make that happen. The Cateye Vectra is a wireless cyclometer easy to install and set-up. It has simple one-button operation and measures speed, trip/total distance, max speed, and has a clock. Cateye is the best in the business and will work better and last years longer than the stuff from the department store! Regular $45, now only $28.99. We even offer free installation!

Check out this beautiful Salsa Pony Rustler Carbon 27.5 PLUS we built custom for an out of town buyer! He wanted it built using the new Shimano XT 1x11 drivetrain and the 11/46 cassette. This bike has better components all around than the Factory version for just a little more $ and a custom build is the only way to get the drivetrain he wanted. We can build one for you! BTW: I personally have upgraded both my bikes with the new Shimano XT 1x11 group and it's sooo good, shifts perfectly and climbs great for a great price. The majority of our custom builds and drivetrain upgrades lately have swung over to Shimano- it's something you should try!

See Salsa Pony Rustler Carbon 27.5 PLUS Factory Bike click HERE

Lumbar Packs are back in popularity, and Trek's new Rapid Pack is a great example. Made of soft, lightweight material, with two zippered pockets and a center hole for a spare waterbottle. Perfect solution for when you can't mount your seat pack on a dropper post. In stock now. $59.99

Because it's hard for many to differentiate between "department" store and bike shop bikes for some, here's some key things that set our bikes apart. First, fit. Every bike we sell comes in up to 5 frame sizes in men's and 3 in women's, and department stores only 1! One size does not fit all! Second, a bike like the Giant Talon 3 shown above has useful features and quality parts that cheap bikes never have- like durable doublewall rims for strength, and Maxxis tires for good grip and smooth rolling. Or Tektro hydraulic disc brakes that stop the bike every time even in wet or muddy conditions. It's Shimano 24 speed drivetrain shifts perfectly and has easy gears for hills and faster ones when you need them. And it's SR Suntour front suspension is soft and smooth over bumps with a Lockout dial for hill climbing. And this bike has hot selling 27.5" wheels- the best for effecient pedalling and off-road handling. All these great components mounted on a beautiful, lightweight aluminum frame. Besides fit, the overall weight of your bike is key to riding enjoyment- do you want to pump your way up a hill with an extra 10-15lbs of dead weight? I say nobody would if they ever knew how much better a lighter bike actually performs! And this bike only sells for $549- considering you'll enjoy it for years to come, it's a good investment. There is a reason why Giant and Trek bikes are the best selling brands in the USA- stop in for a test ride!

Giant Talon 3 click HERE

TREK Marlin 5 click HERE



Frame bag are a good way to carry gear on any bike, but especially so on mountain and fat bikes with dropper posts or full suspension where seat bags might rub the tire. We have a selection of frame bags from Revelate, Blackburn, SKS, and Bikase in various sizes and colors


Osprey Hydration Packs are a great way to carry not only water but all your gear, and comfortably too! In stock now.


DMR Bikes Vault pedals have a huge 105x105mm platform but only weigh 420g per pair. They are only 17mm thick and are made from extruded 6061 aluminum. You can tune the pins for a perfect grip. The cromolly shaft is outfitted with high load DU bushings and cartridge bearings for extreme use in mountain and fat bike applications. If you prefer platform pedals like me, check out our selection, from Vault, Xpedo, Race Face, Cromag, Speedplay, and others. In alloy or resin.



Why buy a mountainbike with standard width tires when you can get a Cannondale Cujo with massive 27.5x3.0" PLUS tires? PLUS bikes are the hottest thing in mountainbiking - better handling, grip, and climbing with effecient and lightweight 3" tires! And Cannondale has great prices for PLUS bikes in their Cujo Series!

CUJO 1 click HERE

CUJO 2 click HERE

CUJO 3 click HERE


Shimano's 11 Speed Upgrade

We're now doing upgrades to Shimano's M8000 series components! Let us convert your ride to 11 speed and vastly improve your climbing ability without sacrificing speed. Single front chainring systems (1x11) are becoming very popular with it's simplicity and affordability, but you can also do 2 or 3 front chainrings. Shimano XT Series components feature 11 speed cassettes that are 11/40, 11/42, and 11/46. We have the components in stock to make it happen!


ISSI clipless pedals are easy to use and SPD compatible, featuring sealed bearings, easy release, and adjustable spring tension, built on a sturdy aluminum shell. They are built to last- spindle and small parts rebuild kits are available. And only 408g per pair! Lots of great colors too!


Custom Built Fuel EX

Here's a frame-up custom carbon Trek Fuel 27.5+ we recently built for a customer. This bike has the best of everything! We do a lot of one-of-a-kind builds for people, mountain, fat, road, and gravel, all designed to fit your price and desires. Let us build one for you!  Click  here for more photos and details on the bike shown here.




Wicked Wash Is Back In Stock!

We have it back again, Wicked Wash, the bike cleaner that removes dirt and grime without removing your chain lube, plus it's safe for carbon, plastics, and anything else on your bike! Plus it smells good and doesn't harm the enviroment! Try it for yourself.

Cannondale Trail Series

This new series for 2017 offers 29'er wheels on medium to xl frame sizes and 27.5" on smaller ones, with sturdy wheels and drivetrains built for the extremes of off-roading.  Check them out!

Trail 5 HERE

Trail 4 HERE


Dropper Posts are becoming more common than ever, especially as OEM on the 2017 bikes we're getting in. Dropper owners will tell you-" I never wanted one until I tried one, now I can't ride without it" That's really true! For someone who may not know, a dropper post is a seatpost that drops down or rises up upon command from a handlebar mounted remote control. Lower to descend and instantly raise the seat up when wanted. BTW, We have in stock right now the new Fox Transfer Dropper-



 The #1 upgrade you should consider is a Tubeless Conversion with Stan's Sealant! This process can cut your probability of getting a flat to almost zero  throughout the year! When you get a puncture, the Stan's Latex Sealant will seal up almost instantly- you may not even realize you have gotten a puncture! It works in temperatures below freezing- great for Fatbikes too!  I have had 2 flats in the past 4 years- and those times mainly because my tires were about worn out! Not all wheels are tubeless convertable. Stop in and let us see if your wheels are!




Want to get a great off-road bicycle without sinking a ton of money into it- and not having to regret making a bad choice later? Check out any of the 3 Trek Marlin Series Mountain Bikes!  These rugged bikes are our best sellers and the perfect way to introduce yourself to the fun of off-road riding. They have exactly what you need- good fitting frames, quality drivetrains, disc brakes, and 27.5" or 29" wheels depending on frame size. Check them out on the New Bikes page



Add Fabric's new Co2/Lever Kit to your list of "Must Have" accessories for quick flat repairs. Co2 pumps are today's best inflators- quick and effortless- small and easy to carry. This one comes with pry levers to remove the tire if you need to, and mounts to your frame, freeing up bag space for other things you need to carry. Comes with two air cannisters and fits any threaded refill. Great product! $29.99




TREK FUEL EX8 29'er for 2017

 Click on the pic above to see the Fuel EX 8 29'er.


The solution to pain in your wrist and hand is Ergon Grips! This superb product eliminates tingly hands better than anything. They lock on to your handlebar to give you a correct hand position and optimal pressure distribution. It's German Made from medically approved rubber and aluminum and lasts for years. Most knowledgeable cyclists in our area have been riding them for years and it's time you heard about them! Ergon grips are  the most copied grips but the originals are the best!

Giant Stance Wins BICYCLING MAGAZINE'S Editors Choice Award!

News just released from Giant Bicycles: "The editors of Bicycling heralded the Stance 27.5 for breaking new ground, standing alone in its category of affordable full-suspension trail bikes. “Even a few years ago, if you’d asked us what type of bike to get for $1,500, we’d have replied, ‘a hardtail.’ No more,” wrote Bicycling editors. “The full-suspension Stance 27.5 clambered up steep eastern slickrock, soaked up gnarled roots, and gripped confidently on loose off-camber corners” The Bicycling Editors’ Choice Awards, given out annually, represent the highest honor for Bicycling, the world’s largest cycling magazine. This year the testing staff started with more than 100 nominations, and the Stance 27.5 was one of just 20 mountain bikes from all categories and price points to make the final cut and win an award."

That's what we have been saying all along about the STANCE 27.5" Full Suspension! To see more pictures of this bike, click here...


Framebags are becoming a great way to carry lots of gear in one safe place on the bike. This bag will carry several waterbottles, phone, camera, keys, an entire flat kit including pump and spare innertube, whatever you need! This is a well made bage that will impress you!

medium- $59.99

large- $64.99



Wicked Wash is an amazing product for cleaning your bike without attacking grease, oil, or drying out your seals! It won't harm carbon, aluminum, titanium and plastic, and it won't contaminate your disc brake pads or rotors and won't degrease your drivetrain! Spray down the entire bike and simply hose off. It breaks down the bond that keeps dirt attached to components, paint, ect. You will be amazed how much time it saves on cleaning even heavily mudded and dirty bikes! It's American Made!  A 32oz refillable spray bottle sells for only $15.99. We have shop product in stock for refills.


Trek's Industry Leading lineup of mountain bikes all feature designs proven in the field by actual riders. With the XCal Series you can choose between 3 models that provide excellent value in the highly competitive $800-$1200 price range. And, it's one of the few Big Name brands where a 29" wheel is available at that price point. The XCal's Race Proven frame has the right geometry to enjoy a wide variety of our area's trails. The frame is bulletproof without being heavy. Trek builds up this frame into three models with different components. All three models have strong doublewall rims, popular drivetrain combinations from SRAM and Shimano, and Rockshox front suspension. Rule #1- if you are purchasing a bike for $800 to $1200, only Rockshox offers a serviceable shock! We can perform low cost oil changes, wiper seal replacement, and overall service in-shop. Other brands are unrepairable if a wiper seal fails! That's one big reason you want a Rockshox bike! Trek's XCal also is designed around their Smart Fit philosophy- 27.5" wheels on XS and Small frames, and 29" on medium thru XL. The bikes have 3x9 and 2x10 drivetrains that make sense on modern bikes and deliver performance like more expensive bikes. All Xcals have lightweight OS alloy handlebars and stems, high quality Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, the best OEM tires in the business, and a great saddle! In conclusion, a bike from this series is reliable, lightweight, and makes a great choice for someone who wants a bike that will last for years of use.  Click on the pic to see an XCal 8 or on our "New Bikes" page and scroll down to see other Trek XCaliber bikes.

Cycling the Great Allegheny Passage or C&O This Year?


Blackburn's Outpost Series of BikePacking bags are engineered to hold lots of gear without resorting to racks and panniers. Clockwise starting upper left:Outpost seat pack with waterproof dry bag, upper right:Handlebar Roll bag

Lower left:Top Tube bag, perfect for any small gear including phone or camera. Lower right: Frame bag- great alternative to rack and pannier, holds lots of goods in a safe area.

Cannondale Announces All-New Scalpel Si

One of the most popular XC/Race mountain bikes of all time is the Scalpel. Always among the lightest in class, and featuring the best front suspension available: Lefty. This Summer, an all new version is to be released.


A great low cost solution to transporting your bike in a van or truck bed is to use a Bike Block! Just screw it onto a piece of wood and go! Most beds will hold up to 5 bikes this way. You can also use the block/wood combo for storing bikes- or you can mount a block on a wall! These fit all bikes with Quick Release axles- Thru Axle mountain bike types available- and a model for Fatbikes with 135mm QR axles too. Price for standard model shown in picture is $15.99




Joe Stroz competes in races up and down the East Coast on his custom built 17lb Pivot singlespeed. Joe is owner of Stroz Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab in Windber and knows a thing or two about fitness!



We have more Women Specific Design (WSD) bikes in stock than some shops have in all models combined! That's over 35 different models in stock and dozens of others that can be ordered. For example the popular Cannondale Foray 3 $459.99 (above left) and Trek Skye SL Disc $549.99, have alloy frames, disc brakes, Shimano drivetrains,  two color choices and  many frame sizes! The whole bike is designed to be a better fit for Women riders! WSD bikes start at only $349! Stop in for a test ride!

Race Face Aeffect Pedals

High quality, lightweight (187g ea.) alloy pedals with sealed bearings and replaceable gripper studs. That's about the weight of a plastic pedal. Now in stock!


GT VERB- Affordable Full Suspension Mountainbike



 The GT Verb Elite (shown in picture) is a great value for only $1250. Click on the picture to learn more.






 iSSi is a fully serviceable, high-performance Shimano SPD-compatible clipless pedal in distinct, vibrant colors. Mid-sized pedal body for stability and protection built with durable chromoly spindles with a bushing and sealed cartridge bearing.

Fully compatible with iSSi, Shimano SPD and Wellgo 98A cleats


 Available in 8 colors



 IBIS Cycles Ripley 29 LS Carbon

If you're local and ride, you're likely to know Dr Michael Mucker. A knowledgeable cyclist, Mike had us get him an IBIS Ripley 29 LS with 1x11 SRAM X0 build. Check it out by clicking on the picture.





Get Started in Mountain Biking

New to the sport of Mountainbiking?  We'll get you up to speed  to make the right decision on any bike and accessory gear you need. We can help you decide on the bike that best fits your riding needs from where and how you ride and how often you ride. Our Hardtail bikes start as low as $350 and come in up to 5 frame sizes for the best fit. And we have all the popular wheel sizes- 26", 27.5", 29" and PLUS! Our shop has over 500 bikes in stock from steel to alloy to carbon!  All bikes have a warranty that includes free adjustments for a full year. 

Shoes That Fit!

Bontrager shoes are covered by an Unconditional Fit Guarantee. Bontrager Apparel and Footwear is the Best Selling Brand in the USA! We have lots of models in stock. We also sell Giro and Giant shoes.




$8000+ Custom IBIS Ripley 29

Custom or production, this IBIS Ripley  is among our all-time best bikes in over 65 years in business! Check it  out with a click on the pic

Trek Marlins Have Smart-Fit Sizing

Big wheels roll over rough terrain smoother and cover ground faster. Thats why 29" and 27.5" wheels have become the standard for mountain bikes. Trek offers their Marlin and XCaliber series mountain bikes with Smart Sizing- 27.5" wheels on small and x/small frames, and 29" wheels on medium, large, and x/large. By doing this, the smaller frame's geometry is not compromised by too big of a wheel for the wheelbase. Marlin and XCals are our best selling mountain bikes, and we agree. Check out Trek Marlin and XCals by clicking on the New Bikes Tab

Full Suspension Is The Ultimate

The consensus among mountain bikers is that a full suspension bike is the ultimate bike for the sport. While racers will still want a hardtail, full suspension is the best for comfort, control, climbing, and braking. Design has come a long way since the first fully suspended bikes of the early 90's with their single pivot, fully active "pogo" suspension that wastes your energy. Todays designs control rear shock movement, so that the shock does not react to pedalling, and saves your energy. For 2016, our full suspension choices at City Cycle is bigger than ever!  Compare a GT Verb ($999 and up), Cannondale Habit ($1799 and up), Trek Fuel, the Best Selling full suspension bike worldwide ($1899 and up), Giant Stance ($1499 and up), Salsa's new Pony Rustler (largely sold out but we still have some), and a Pivot or IBIS Ripley dream bike. There's lots more too, like the Trance, Anthem, and Scalpel. At this writing, we have pre-owned and leftover models as well. If you love mountainbiking, treat yourself to a state of the art design! Come on by for a test ride.

Wolftooth GC42T Cassette Sprockets

Climbing the hills in western PA is  much easier with a Wolftooth 42t sprocket. This great upgrade works with any 1x10, 2x10, and 3x10 drivetrain. Your low gear just got way easier.

Go climb!



Check Out Salsa's Horsethief Full Suspension 29'er

Never heard of Salsa? That's understandable, but to knowledgeable cyclists everywhere they're an absolute leader in quality, function and design. Think fatbikes- where would that genre be without Salsa? Probably wouldn't exist! Gravel bikes- the same. How about the new hot selling PLUS bikes- Ditto! That's what we're talking bout! Click on the pic to see a beautiful Salsa Horsethief Carbon X01 29'er. Then look at other Salsa bikes like Ponyrustler, Warbird, and Beargrease on our New Bikes Page, or in-store.

Cycling Apparel  is Comfort Driven

Quality cycling apparel is essential to mountain bike saddle comfort! Mountain bike seats are minimalist things, unlike some other bikes, and the right shape, width, and padding is more important. Padded shorts put a buffering layer between your "sit bones" and the seat, providing comfort that moves with you- better than a seat pad that doesn't stay put. The fabric of cycling shorts is also heat shedding, so hot day riding is cooler and more comfortable. We sell cycling shorts in traditional, bib, and baggy styles. Also, we carry liner shorts that you wear under whatever you wish. Available in styles for men and women. Try them- you'll never ride without again!

Evening riding for the next few months requires a bright rechargeable headlight for your fun and safety. One of the best manufacturers of reliable lights at great prices is SERFAS!   Their TSL1000 (left) is a super compact 1000 lumen headlamp for handlebar or helmet use and has a runtime of up to 7 hours! It's battery is super small! More casual riders will like the SL155 (right) with it's bright 155 lumens and hours of runtime for only $39.99- that's a rechargeable at the price of a battery light! During a year of recharging this light will pay for itself and is brighter with a longer runtime than a regular battery light.  These are just 2 examples of the Serfas lights that we sell. Stop in for a demonstration.


According to some just-released bicycle industry sales data for 2015, the fastest growing segment is mountain bikes, led by explosive gains in the new 27.5" wheelsize. For 2016, expect that trend to continue as more models in 27.5 enter the market. While we at City Cycle sell lots of 29" mountain bikes, 27.5" bikes will probably pull even with it's bigger cousin this year. Cannondale's new Catalyst series (shown in picture) already have become one of our best selling models. In general, the story on 27.5 is that it rolls like a 29er'  but handles like a 26er'. We have models for men and women, hardtail and full suspension. Click on our "NEW BIKES" Tab to see some. Stop in- ride one- and we'll help decide which wheelsize is right for you.

Saddle Fit/Comfort Issues?

If you are in the market for a new saddle because of fit/soreness issues we have a full size run of demo saddles by Fabric. Fabric saddles are from the UK and they are leaders in fit, design, and comfort. Their ALM model for example, is the world's first 3-D printed saddle- molded all in one piece with a built-in leaf spring suspension! We will let you try a Fabric demo on your own bike for several rides before you lay down money on a saddle you have never tried. Try different ones till the right one is found. Fabric seats are well made and priced equal to other brands. We have helped dozens of area cyclists identify the correct seat with this free service. Call or stop in.


Scorpion Stands In Stock!

 Scorpion stands are built to hold your bike securely for cleaning, tuning, repairs, or just for storage! This is the stand used by the industry for displays and it's built to take it. Fits most bikes with "hollow" cranks- mountain, road, or whatever. Now in stock!


Mountain Bikes for Women

Did you know that nearly every men's model has a corresponding women's version?  At City Cycle, we stock at least 14 different mountain bikes for women from Trek, Cannondale, and Giant! A Women's Specific Design (WSD) is spec'd just like the men's model but will generally fit better. The frames are offered in more small to medium sizes, and things like stems, handlebars, and seats are women-specific in size and shape. One of our brands, Giant, offers a complete line of "LIV" bikes designed with fit, function, and usage built completely around today's female cyclist. Check some out on our "New Bikes" page or stop in for a test ride.

SALSA CYCLES Deadwood- A Drop Bar Mountain Bike!

Is it a Bikepacking, Gravel Bike, Adventure Bike, or Mountainbike? Salsa says it's all that!  We say that the Deadwood is part of the changing face of bikes in general. Stop in and decide for yourself!