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True M30 Treadmill

   Treadmills are an always popular fitness machine because they can provide a satisfying workout for a person just beginning to exercise  as well as a seasoned athlete already in a high state of fitness.

    But some treadmills are well known to be prone to frequent and costly repairs. Because of their popularity, many companies offer "treads" that are so poorly made that there is no way they can hold up for long. Add to that fact that many treadmills are sold locally by sellers that offer no service whatsoever- leaving owners with non working treadmills attempting to fix it themselves with the assistance of the manufacturer over the telephone! Many units are noisy, flimsy, and designed in a way that will simply not "fit" the average user. Trying to decide what is the right treadmill in today's crowded marketplace is enough to make many prospective buyers throw up their hands in frustration. Which brands are actually known for quality? How much money to get quality without overspending? What is the optimal motor horsepower and walking belt size? Should I buy a service contract or purchase a treadmill that comes with a good warranty and locally based repair service?

    Our answer is one of the USA's oldest, largest, and best known brands: TRUE FITNESS!  The True M30 treadmill pictured above is a perfect choice for single users to multiple members of a family, whether they be walkers,  joggers, or runners. Run or walk indoors regardless of the weather outside with a  True M30 or any one of their other fine models. The M30 features a smooth, powerful, and quiet 3HP DC motor with a 30 year warranty. True's decades of experience in treadmill design provides you with an excellent deck suspension that allows the runners front foot to softly land while giving a firmness for the rear foot to push off with. The walking belt on the M30 is 20" wide and has a 5 year warranty! Compare the confidence True has in their walking belt to many other brands with as little as 90 days warranty.

True Leads the Way in Treadmill Innovation

True has been a pioneer in designing electronics for the Fitness industry, inventing and patenting many things that are now widely used throughout the industry, such as Heart Rate Control and Programmed Workouts, so you know that all their models have full features will keep challenging you during every workout. 

Heart Rate Control Technology

With TRUE's  patented Heart Rate Control technology and HRC Cruise Control, the  M30  has State Of The Art electronics at a price others cannot match.  Once you have reached your desired target heart rate, simply touch the HRC Cruise Control button and the M30 will automatically adjust speed and incline to keep your heart rate there for the rest of the workout.




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